New Mexico MainStreet Programs

A program of the New Mexico Economic Development Department, New Mexico MainStreet works throughout the state to help affiliated local organizations and revitalization partners create an economically viable business environment while preserving cultural and historic resources. New Mexico MainStreet currently serves 28 affiliated MainStreet Districts, eight state-authorized Arts & Cultural Districts, more than 21 Frontier Community projects, and eight Historic Theater Initiatives.

New Mexico MainStreet

Since 1985, New Mexico MainStreet has played a significant role in creating a positive commercial district environment, helping to ensure the vitality of local small businesses and sustaining and expanding the job base in our downtowns. New Mexico MainStreet uses a community asset-based economic approach to economic development in partnership with local revitalization organizations to rebuild the local downtown economy.

Arts & Cultural Districts

The Arts & Cultural Districts program was established by the Legislature in 2007, as a comprehensive economic development strategy designed to capitalize on the expanding “creative economy.” Cultural entrepreneurs and businesses help develop and promote the exceptional art and heritage of New Mexico. Strategic investments in creative industries and enterprises help diversify the economy and support local growth.

Frontier Communities Initiative

The Frontier & Native American Communities Initiative provides community economic development support to rural communities of less than 7,500 in population to develop a catalytic economic development project within a traditional or historic commercial district.

Historic Theaters Initiative

The New Mexico Historic Theaters Initiative provides funding and technical assistance from the Economic Development Department and New Mexico MainStreet Program to rehabilitate historic theaters, install new digital projection and sound equipment, and improve theater performance.

Public Infrastructure

Public Infrastructure leverages substantial private sector reinvestment and demonstrates visible improvements in downtown through upgrades to pedestrian safety and lighting, sidewalks, curbs, utilities, drainage, and landscape to create vital spaces for economic growth. As funding allows, MainStreet provides opportunities for eligible communities to apply for public infrastructure support.

Off the Road

Off the Road in New Mexico is a dynamic interactive website designed to promote historic and cultural attractions and businesses in the MainStreet and Arts & Cultural Districts.

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