The New Mexico MainStreet Program

In the late 1970s the National Trust for Historic Preservation developed the Main Street Four-Point Approach® to commercial district revitalization, a comprehensive strategy that encourages economic development within the context of historic preservation.

In 1985, the New Mexico State Legislature funded the New Mexico MainStreet Program to assist local communities in implementing this strategy to revitalize their downtown commercial corridors. Since 1985, New Mexico MainStreet has been fostering economic development in local communities statewide. Based in the New Mexico Economic Development Department, New Mexico MainStreet works with selected local Main Street organizations and municipalities to establish and enhance downtown revitalization programs through public and private partnerships. Thousands of jobs have been created and millions of dollars in private funds have been invested in New Mexico Main Streets since the program began. As a Main Street America™ Coordinating Program, New Mexico MainStreet helps to lead a powerful, grassroots network consisting of more than 40 Coordinating Programs and more than 1,200 neighborhoods and communities across the country committed to creating high-quality places and to building stronger communities through preservation-based economic development. Main Street America is a program of the nonprofit National Main Street Center, a subsidiary of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. New Mexico MainStreet works throughout the state to help affiliated local organizations create an economically viable business environment while preserving cultural and historic resources.

New Mexico MainStreet currently serves 30 affiliated MainStreet Districts, 12 Arts & Cultural Districts, more than 20 Frontier Community projects, and 8 Historic Theater Initiatives. The Program provides resources, education, training and technical services that stimulate the economic vitality of participating communities while celebrating local heritage and culture. MainStreet is a consensus-building program that fosters community pride and encourages small business growth and expansions, enhanced local employment opportunities, increased tax revenues and property values, and improved quality of life.

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